Rigid FR4 PCB  Capabilities




PCB Layers 1-40 layers PCB                                                              HDI(1st,2nd and3nd available)                                                                                      
Material FR-4 (TG135,TG175,TG180,TG200 and other TGS),Halogen-Free.   KB Brand, ShengYi and other brands as requested. Only Class A material and UL94VO appoved.  Impedance Control,Half Holes,Edage Plating and Golden Fingers are supported.
PCB Thickness 0.4–3.2mm
PCB Thickness Tolerance  ±0.1mm for PCB thickness less than 1.60mm,+/-10% for PCB thickness than 1.60mm(inclusive)
Max Size 520*600mm for PCB of 1,2,4layers and 400*500 for PCB more than 6 layers.
Minimum Size 50*50mm Pls send the file for final confirmation
Min Trace Width 3mil(0.075mm)
Min Trace Distance 3mil(0.075mm)
Finished Outer Layer Copper Thickness 35um/70um/105um(1OZ/2OZ/3OZ)  The finished PCB’s outer layer copper thickness,1 OZ=35um,2 OZ=70um, 3OZ=105um
Finished Inner Layer Copper Thickness 35um/50um/70um/105um
Drill Size ( laser and machine drill) 0.10–6.3mm 0.10mm for laser drilling. 0.2mm is the minmum drill size, 6.3mm is the maxmum drill size the machine can drill
Via Annular Ring ≥0.153mm(6mil) Minimum size of via annular ring can not be less than 0.153mm
Minimum Finished TH Size 0.1mm Laser Drill. 0.20mm if mechnical drilling
Minimum Slot Hole Size 0.50mm
Hole Postion Tolerance +/-0.075m
Holes Types solder mask openings, covered with solder mask, plugged with solder mask or resin, copper platting shut.
Hole Tolerance  PTH+/-0.075mm,NPTH+/-0.05mm,Slot Holes+/-0.05mm, Press Fit holes+/-0.05mm
BGA Pads Size 0.20mm
Surface Finish Immersion Gold, Hasl,Immersion Silver,OSP,Gold platted,Hasl LF Immersion gold thickness is 1-3u” gold and 100-150u” nickel
Type of Solder Resist Liquid photoimagable solder mask (LPSM) Green,Black,White,Red,Blue,Yellow Colours available
Minimum Silkscreen Character Width ≥0.15mm
Minimum Silkscreen Character Length ≥0.8mm
Character Width to Height Ratio 1:05
Distance from Trace to Outline ≥0.3mm(12mil) For routing,distance from trace to outline should ≥0.3mm;For V-cut this distance should be ≥0.4mm
Bow and Twist 0.75%
Solder Dam Green ≥3.5mil, White and Black ≥ 5mil ,Other Colours≥ 4mil
Silk Screen The smallest silkscreeen is ≥5mil/30mil(1oz),≥7mil/42mil(2oz) and ≥12mil/50mil (3oz)
V-cut  1/3 of the whole board thickness with 30,45,60degree angle
Delivery Single PCS or panelization in vacuum packing