HDI PCB stands for High-Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board. It is a type of circuit board that is designed to accommodate a higher density of components and interconnections in a smaller space compared to traditional PCBs. HDI PCBs are commonly used in electronic devices where space is a critical factor, such as smartphones, tablets, and other compact electronic gadgets.

Product Details

HDI Structure:1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3, 4+N+4, 5+N+5, 6+N+6, Any Layer Interconnection (Anylayer)
Structure Order:N+N, N+X+N, 1+(N+X+N)+1
Available Layer Count:1-40 layers
Minimum Line Width/Spacing:2/2 mil
Minimum Mechanical Hole:0.15mm
Minimum Core Board Thickness:2 mil
Laser Hole Diameter:0.075mm – 0.1mm
Minimum Insulation Layer Thickness:2 mil
Maximum Diameter of Resin Plugged Hole:0.4mm
Electroplating Filled Hole: Available
Electroplating Filled Hole Diameter:3-5 mil
Via-in-Pad (VIP)/Via-on-Pad (VOP):Available
Minimum Distance from Hole Wall to Trace:7 mil
Laser Hole Accuracy:0.025mm
Minimum BGA Solder Pad Center Distance:0.3mm
Minimum SMT (Surface Mount Technology):0.25mm
Electroplating Filled Hole Depression:≤10um
Back Drilling/Controlled Depth Drilling Tolerance:±0.05mm
Through-Hole Electroplating Penetration Ratio:16:1
Blind Hole Electroplating Penetration Ratio:1.2:1
Minimum BGA Solder Pad:0.2mm
Minimum Buried Hole Diameter (Mechanical Drilling):0.2mm
Minimum Buried Hole Diameter (Laser Drilling):0.1mm
Minimum Blind Hole Diameter (Laser Drilling):0.1mm
Minimum Blind Hole Diameter (Mechanical Drilling):0.2mm
Minimum Distance between Laser Blind Hole and Mechanical Buried Hole:0.2mm
Minimum Laser Drill Hole Diameter:0.10 (Depth ≤ 55um), 0.13 (Depth ≤ 100um)
Layer-to-Layer Alignment Accuracy:±0.05mm (±0.002″)