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The EEEFK1V331P is a surface-mount aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufactured by Panasonic Corporation. This component is designed to store and release electrical energy in electronic circuits, primarily used for filtering, smoothing, and decoupling purposes.

Common applications for the EEEFK1V331P include power supplies, voltage regulators, audio amplifiers, motor control circuits, and various electronic devices where smoothing, filtering, or energy storage is required.

Product Details

Here below are the product attributes of this item.

Capacitance:330 µF
Voltage – Rated:35 V
Lifetime @ Temp.:2000 Hrs @ 105°C
Operating Temperature:55°C ~ 105°C
Polarization: Polar
Ratings: AEC-Q200
Applications: Automotive
Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:637.5 mA @ 120 Hz
Ripple Current @ High Frequency:850 mA @ 100 kHz
Impedance:80 mOhms
Size / Dimension:0.394″ Dia (10.00mm)
Height – Seated (Max):0.413″ (10.50mm)
Surface Mount Land Size:0.406″ L x 0.406″ W (10.30mm x 10.30mm)
Mounting Type: Surface Mount
Package / Case: Radial, Can – SMD