20 Years Experience ODM/OEM Service PCBA PCB Manufacturer Board Electronic Circuit board.
We provide to our customers with one-stop services from Design/layout of PCB, PCB fabrication, Component Assembly(SMT/TH), Component Sourcing, ComponentForming and Programming, and Electrical Testing. All our products are compliant with Rohs, Reach requirements, and use of the conflict minerals.

Product Details

PCB layers:1-32 layers PCB
Material: FR-4 (Standard FR4, Mid-Tg FR4, Hi-Tg FR4, Lead-free assembly material), Halogen-Free, Ceramic filled, Teflon, Polyimide
Size: Customization
PCB thickness:0.4–3.2mm
PCB Standard: IPC-A-610 D/IPC-III Standard
Surface Finish: HASL/HALS LeasFree/OSP/ENIG/Hard Gold/Golden finger
Min. Hole Size:0.1mm
Min. Line Width/Gap: 0.075mm
Impedance: Customization
MOQ: 1pc