PCBA Quality Assurance

As a PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) shop certificated by ISO9001, our commitment to quality assurance is paramount to ensuring the reliability and performance of the PCBA we manufacture. Our Quality Assurance Policy is designed to provide our customers with the highest standards of quality, adhering to industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Here is an overview of our policy:
  • 1. DFM(Design for Manufacturing) Check:

    Our engineers access first to see if the customer’s PCB files are adapted for manufacturing as per our normal manufacturing guidance documents which are made based on our capacities and related industry standards. If any issue or improvement can be made we send our proposal to the customers for reference. Dong this is to align with manufacturing capabilities and standards and facilitate an efficient and error-free production process.

  • 2. Supplier Evaluation and Material Inspection:

    We meticulously select suppliers based on their reputation, reliability, and the quality of materials they offer. Upon arrival, The incoming materials inspection will be done on all components including PCB, components, flux, solder paste, and so on to ensure they meet the required specifications and standards.