Metal PCB Capabilities




PCB Layers Single Sided, Double Sided and Multi-layer                       
Material Alu(1.0w.m/k,2.0w.m/k), Copper, Ceramic, Laird and Bergquist brands
Max Size 500x1500mm for single sided 500x1190mm for double sided,500x600mm for multi-layers
Smallest Size 50x100mm
PCB Thickness 0.30–10mm
PCB Thickness Tolerance  ±0.1mm
Surface Finish Immersion Gold, Hasl, Immersion Silver, OSP, Gold platted, HASL LF
Min Trace Width 0.10mm
Min Trace Distance 0.10mm
 Copper Thickness 1-10oz
Drill Size  0.40-15mm
Finished TH Size 0.2–6.20mm
Hole Tolerance  ±0.02mm
Solder Mask Colour Green, White, Black, Yellow,Red
Silk Screen Colour White, Black
Minimum Silkscreen Character Width ≥0.15mm
Minimum Silkscreen Character Length ≥1.0mm
Distance from Trace to Outline ≥0.60mm
Solder Dam ≥ 0.15mm
Outline Tolerance ±0.15mm
Laser Outline Tolerance ±0.03mm
V-CUT web ±0.02mm
V-CUT angle 30,45,60 degrees
Test Methods Fly probe tester, Test Fixture