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Founded in 2003, YaHeng Circuit Co.,ltd is one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers in China certified with UL, ISO9001, and IATF16949. With more than 20 years of development, our business extends to component distribution, component sourcing, and PCB assembly to meet the customers’ diverse requirements. During the past years, dozens of end-users have benefited from our flexible and reliable one-stop solution, especially when the whole world has suffered a semiconductor shortage.

Welcome to Our Factory

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Why Choose Our Circuit Boards?

  • Intellectual Property Right Protection

    We spare no efforts to protect the customers’ IP rights. An NDA agreement is signed routinely in the business to protect the customers’ interest.20+years’ development tells us how important the technological innovation is and that is why we own 100+ patents until now and more increasing. So we do everything we can to fight piracy all the time.

  • Quality is Our Soul

    Only standard materials are used in our manufacturing under the guideline of ISO9001. For example, class A or higher grade FR4 laminates are chosen in making PCBs, and new and original components are only selected in fabricating PCBA. Doing so is to ensure our products are compliant with the request from these standards of UL, Reach, IPC Class 2, IPC Class 3, IATF16949, and Non-Conflict Materials.

  • Cost Savings

    We are the real factory, not the broker so there is no middleman between our trade. Moreover, we have powerful management on the supply chains so we can pass the savings to our customers. Nowadays the competition in the market is quite severe so every coin counts.

  • Super Long Quality Guarantee

    Three years quality guarantee is offered. During this period, replacement or refund will be provided if quality issues. Also, 7*24 hours after-sales service is available so you can contact with us any time you need.

  • Diverse Logistic Options

    Many shipping methods are given like express door-to-door service, air freight to your nearest airport, or sea freight to your nearest sea port. In this case, all your packages are delivered quickly and safely to your real needs.

  • Fast Turn-Around Service

    12/24/48/72hours express service available for PCB sample manufacturing,48/72hours express service for PCB assembly and components supply.

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Customers Feedback

We have been consistently impressed with the quality of PCBs from this supplier. The attention to detail and adherence to industry standards are commendable. A reliable partner for our electronic manufacturing needs. That is why our cooperation lasts for 10 years. We will continue to use its service and reccomand to others we know who need PCBs.


The team’s commitment to protecting intellectual property is a key reason why we chose this company. They go the extra mile to ensure confidentiality, and their three-year quality guarantee is a testament to their confidence in the products.


Fast turnaround times have been crucial for our projects, and this supplier has exceeded our expectations. The 48-hour express service for PCB assembly is a game-changer for us. Highly recommended.


Switching to this supplier for our components needs was a wise decision. Not only is the cost saved but the quality is guaranteed. We had bad experiences in getting fake or refurnished components from other suppliers without getting the money back. But with YaHengCircuit, we only get new and original parts on time. Moreover, its profession and extensive business links help us to get the components that we can not find in the other place of this world. It is really a reliable partner for component solutions.

what is a circuit board assembly

What is a Circuit Board Assembly?

PCBA, or Printed Circuit Board Assembly, refers to the process of fixing and soldering electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB) using techniques such as Surface Mount Technology (SMT) or Through-Hole Technology (THT).
How is a circuit board manufactured

How is a circuit board manufactured?

The manufacturing process of a circuit board is complex and precise, involving multiple steps and techniques. This article mainly introduces the primary steps involved in making a bare circuit board.
What is the meaning of AOI testing

What is the meaning of AOI testing?

Today we would like to reply these questions.What is the meaning of AOI testing? What does an AOI do? How does AOI work? As components become increasingly smaller in size and BGA, CSP, and other components are widely used, AOI has become a commonly used testing technology in the modern SMT field.
Process Inspection and SMA Boards Inspection

Process Inspection and SMA Boards Inspection

Process inspection, also known as process testing, is a crucial aspect of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly. It encompasses inspection of various stages including solder paste printing, component placement, reflow soldering, and cleaning processes.
What is the differences between PCB assembly and PCB

What is the differences between PCB assembly and PCB?

And in almost all of these electronic products, there are printed circuit boards (PCBs) and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) involved.Although they are often mentioned, many people may not be clear about the differences between them. Therefore, let's explore the differences between PCB assembly and PCB from three aspects to better understand their roles and significance in electronic product manufacturing.
First Step of Assembling a Printed Circuit Board

First Step of Assembling a Printed Circuit Board-Incoming Material Inspection

How do you assemble a printed circuit board? What are the steps of PCB assembly? Today, we will introduce the first step of assembling a printed circuit board in our factory: Incoming Material Inspection.
The IC Classification

The IC Classification

IC stands for "Integrated Circuit." An Integrated Circuit is a miniature electronic circuit consisting of semiconductor devices, passive components, and other electronic components.


Recently, the newly-built second-phase manufacturing base of Yaheng Circuit Co., Ltd in Suichuan has been put into production as planned after 2 years' construction.
The Basic Design Rule for PCB

The Basic Design Rule for PCB

The design of a printed circuit board (PCB) determines its inherent characteristics and, to some extent, influences the complexity of manufacturing, assembly, and repair. It also impacts the reliability and cost of the PCB.